Welcome to Timeline Demo!

This demo aims to visualize the time information in event extraction results from news data. The work is done by RPI Blender Lab's text knowledge extraction system (Zhang el at., 2018). DemoPic

  • How to use?

    The initial timeline is generated on all event having time information. In the timeline visualization, you can:

    • Drag the timeline
      You could simply drag timeline to go through events in different time periods.
    • Zoom in and zoom out
      The timeline can be simply zoomed in and zoomed out using the button on the left side.
    • Go back to the earliest event
      Just click the button below the zoom in and out buttions on the left side, you could go back to the earliest event in the timeline.

    Besides, you could also:

    • Searching Entity Name to find the timeline for a specific entity. When you input the searching name, we will automatically recommend the related entities and you can directly choose the one you are looking for.
    • Searching Event Type to find the timeline of a specific event type.

    Now, Let's start to play with it!
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